More About Me

Thank you for the warm welcome into the Century 21 Beggins incomparable enterprises. My appellation is Dr. Vanessa Bey. I have always had a passion for real estate. I enjoy selling properties and building relationships that encompass social skills for people to realize their dreams. I trust the experience should be an exciting journey that allows me to improve the quality of life for all levels of homebuyers and sellers. I am originally from Asbury Park, New Jersey. I have been in the helping profession for over twenty-five years. I intend to use the real estate profession to serve all clients in Florida to purchase, sell, invest, or rent properties based on their capacity to do so. 

I have a depth of knowledge about real estate and the needs of consumers. I'm passionate about providing everyone with an extraordinary learning experience that ultimately leads to a satisfying purchase. I enjoy healthy exposure to people, accomplishing my goals, spending time with my loved ones, roller skating, and volunteering at a local Tampa tax-exempt non-profit, Aumi Resource Coalition Inc. In my volunteer work, I provide reassurance, practical support, crisis counseling, direction, motivational empowering workshops, and helpful resources. Volunteering allows me to serve the community and improve lives worldwide. 

Lastly, I recently graduated from Walden University in 2020 with my Ph.D. in Human Services and a specialization in clinical social work. My education has equipped me with the knowledge and expertise to serve the broader community. My motto is quality over quantity." Contact me today if you are looking for a quality licensed realtor and team player who can provide you with an unmatched experience that ultimately leads to a satisfying result.